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Retail Strip-out Contractor in Bedfordshire With Over 30 Years Experience in The Business

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Cambridge City Centre Demolition Project

Bedfordshire Retail premises strip-out contractors do well to follow the lead of Murtagh Demolition. Murtagh is a demolition and strip out contractor with over 30 years experience carrying out demolition contracts in Bedfordshire. Strategically based Beds, Murtagh is no stranger to working throughout the North Home Counties as a whole. With experience in conventional demolition including town centre demolitions, strip outs, asbestos removal as well as mechanical. Murtagh Demolition are fully geared up for the demolition of houses, appartments, multi level, hospitals, offices, plants etc. 

When companies are relocating Murtagh is a very handy contractor to have around. From decommissioning services to taking carpets up, from removing furniture to repair work Murtah does it all and has the skilled teams to do it. 

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  1. Jonny R

    Murtagh is a very reliable company.

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