Jarman Park Leisure, Hemel Hempstead Project

Murtagh Demolition were employed by Thomas Roy to strip out 3 x night clubs, a bowls area and a swimming pool complex totalling 75,000 square feet.  

This contract was carried out over a 12 week period while Pizza Hut, a multi-screen cinema and ice rink, all forming part of the complex, were still operating.

Part of the main signage for the complex was removed by Murtagh Demolition also.  This was carried out during restricted hours as this formed the access of the main entrance to the cinema and Pizza Hut. 

The pool area was by far the most challenging part of the works. Consisting of mezzanine areas, bridges, flumes within and outside the building to be removed. Plant associated with the pool also had to be removed from the roof and basement areas. Additional problems were load bearing restrictions imposed on the machinery used to break out the structures within the pool area. 

All works were completed on time to allow the refurbishment internally and externally of the building in preparation for reoccupation.


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