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London Demolition Contractor With over 30 Years Experience Seeks London Demolition Contracts

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Breaking News.......London Demolition Contractor With over 30 Years Experience Seeks London Demolition Contracts

  Murtagh Demolition Head Office

Murtagh Demolition have been carrying out London demolition contracts and demolition projects throughout the London area for over 30 years now. Based at Luton, Murtagh Demolition are highly experienced with town and city centre demolitions, office block demolition, internal strip outs, land clearance etc. Require a quotation? Give Murtagh Demolition a call today on 01582 480830 or proceed to our contact page.

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  1. Jawar Singh

    The best demolition company in the London area for sure.

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  2. Teagan Taylor

    Great Service

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  3. S & K Lloyd

    Top quality service every time. Thanks v much. Sam

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  4. Harrie Reid

    Nice job thanks very much.

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  5. Brendan Carter

    Tahnks Matt, all done!

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  6. Jan Peterson

    Quick, safe and reliable

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  7. Perry M

    Thanks guys for a great job. [email protected]

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  8. Sandy Elard

    Great company

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  9. Tim K


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  10. Jim Hopper

    Best demo contractor I know!

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  11. David Humphries

    Quality company in my opinion, always reliable. D H

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  12. Carters

    We always recommend Murtagh Demolition in London

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  13. Tim K


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  14. Sue Brunswick

    thanks for the recommendations.

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  15. Jill Guerin

    We use them all the time.

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  16. Spencer Davies

    Thumbs up for Murtagh London Demolition.

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  17. Jim O'Leary

    Murtagh demolition have done many contracts in Harpenden also.

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  18. Terry J Jones

    30 years - you been thru good and hard times.

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  19. Mick Spence

    Hi Murtagh demolition, any jobs?

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  20. Tim Howard

    Murtagh demolition have a great reputation for Demolition contracts in London. [email protected]

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